Wonderful Corfu Activities

Besides swimming and soaking under the sun, there are many other things to do in Corfu. This island of the northwesternmost part of Greece features a wide variety of lovely Corfu activities, adding to the overall experience of travelers. If you are interested in discovering the island from within and perhaps take a glimpse at the life of the locals, below you can find some intriguing activities to take up during your stay there.

First of all, you can explore the mainland of Corfu through various hiking tours. Stroll leisurely following cobbled paths, enjoying nature and taking in the fresh air while gazing at the Ionian from above. Then, if you are nature enthusiasts, you can try out bird watching or horse riding for equally pleasurable activities on the island.
For those who enjoy the sea, scuba diving is the absolute experience that will allow you to discover the wealth of the seabed. Life underwater is exciting and you get the chance to see it from a privileged point of view, diving in one of the best scuba diving parts across the island' coastline. Snorkeling is another activity, less dramatic but yet inspiring, you can take up. Water sports are also available for you to try out in most beaches of Corfu. Jet ski, windsurfing, canoeying, paddle boarding and pedaloes are all there, inviting you to join the fun!

Of course, a sailing tour is always thrilling and offers unforgettable experiences to those who sail away in searches. You can choose to visit the islets nearby or head to destinations farther away, always customizing the sailing tour as per your preferences. Last but not least, those who wish to find out more about the mouth-watering local gastronomy, there are cooking lessons available. You can subscribe for classes and become a true master in Corfiot cuisine!

As you can see, there is a wide variety of activities for you to indulge in while visiting the island of Corfu. Pick the best ones as per your own taste and desires and have fun!
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