A Journey to the Freshness of the Mediterranean Sea

When you re on an island, you should eat like an islander! And especially when you are on the island of Corfu, bathed by the transparent waters of the Ionian Sea, there is no other option! A plethora of fish and seafood, only the freshest right from the sea to your plate.

Perfectly cooked, with simple techniques that bring out the aromas and genuine flavors of the finest raw materials. Complemented with colorful salads and mouth-watering traditional recipes from Greek and Corfiot cuisine, each meal sounds magical.
With absolute respect to seasonality of fruit and vegetables, dishes are prepared with a touch of artistic inspiration. Colorful combinations, fragrances that blend together like the most intoxicating perfume, edgy and intriguing textures and inspired names lead to the perfect culinary journey to the Mediterranean. Extra virgin olive oil is the cornerstone of Greek gastronomy, enriching each dish with its profound golden color and intense flavor. Traditional cheese varieties, the world renowned feta cheese and Greek yoghurt, bread and pastries, baked goods and a wide variety of delicious desserts...all that toped with the finest collection of local wine!

At Acharavi Beach Hotel, Mediterranean gastronomy is taken to the next level. Through a rich and wonderfully prepared buffet, guests have the opportunity to surprise their palate and set out on an extraordinary dining experience. Enjoy upscale services and try out as many delicacies as your heart desires, knowing that each bite is going to be even more delicious than the previous one. An experience to cherish with stunning views to the beach, at the Restaurant & Bar of Acharavi Beach Hotel!
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