Indulge in Great Corfu Family Hotel Moments

Are you thinking of traveling to Corfu with your family? Then you should look no further! Acharavi Beach Hotel offers just what you need for havingfun and spending unique moments of pleasre, both kids and adults. The hotel’s located in Acharavi and provides the ultimate backdrop for family holidays in utter relaxation. In an island where natural beauty is blended with rich and impressive history and wonderful landscapes, thrilling family vacations are a given! 
At Acharavi Beach Hotel, you will find a long sandy beach stretching for over 7 kilometers. This is the ideal environment for families with kids, who wish to enjoy their days by the water. Playing with the sand, diving in the welcoming waters of the Ionian Sea and enjoying the modern facilities of the hotel is just what you need. Plus, for those who wish to enjoy leisurely moments while sipping on fruit juices and healthy snacks, the swimming pool is equally breathtaking.
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The hotel is surrouned by lush greenery and there is a playground, where kids may play and mingle with their peers. Nothing better for the parents than enjoying precious moments of relaxation, knowing that their children are in good hands and having fun! Of course, dining at Acharavi is always a pleasure. With so many food options, healthy and delicious eating for kids and grown ups alike is certain! 
Welcome to Acharavi Beach Hotel, where your family vacations in Corfu will be an absolute success. Enjoy the natural surroundings and the friendly services of the hotel, the marvelous serenity and great proximity to the beach, the amazing dining options, the comfort and care yourwhole family is going to appreciate!
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