An Iconic Sunset to Treasure

Sunset is undeniably one of the most romantic times of the day. It is when the colors of the sun fill the sky, just before the moon comes up and bewitches us all with its charms. Couples in love, as well as those hopeless romantic ones, are in constant search of the most idyllic sunset to capture. That moment when nature takes everyone by surprise and sweeps us off our feet. When in Corfu, there is only one name that comes to mind, as soon as somebody thinks of the sunset. Acharavi! 
Acharavi Beach Hotel boasts the perfect location for enjoying a monumental sunset, each and every single day. Situated right on the waterfront and overlooking the vastness of the Ionian Sea, guests have the opportunity to experience something truly unique. Sitting comfortably on the sun loungers at the friendly sandy beach of Acharavi, they are welcome to join us as we are all gazing at the sky, in anticipation of the most spectacular phnomenon. And this anticipation is well deserved, since the sunset colors create a canvas not to be found elsewhere.
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The horizon is crystal clear, thus providing the ultimate backdrop for an exquisite spectacle to unforld its beauty.  The sun is slowly going down to sleep. The sky turns orange and gold, red and pink, purple and violet. The sea mirrors the chromatic blend most splendidly, leaving nobody untouched. Feelings overflow, as we are standing before this emblematic masterpiece of nature. 
Take your camera with you to capture these moments in Corfu and Acharavi. Or simply live for the moment and enjoy every second, before the night unveils its mysteries and spreads all around. Sunset at Acharavi is purely mesmerizing!
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