Acharavi Beach Hotel offers just the place to relax and invigorate. Located superbly away from the hustle and bustle of the most central spots of Corfu, the hotel provides the ultimate retreat for all travelers. Surrounded by nature’s bliss, guests are welcome to relish absolute serenity and breathe in the fresh air of the island. 

Waking up early in the morning and heading to the beach that stretches over 7 kilometers allows guests to indulge in jogging, running or yoga. The perfect environment for absolute harmony with nature! Or for those who prefer afternoon workout, sunset is an equally breathtaking time of day for exercising surrounded by such ethereal scenery. 

Families will find an idyllic setting, where their kids will play free at the beach and have a great time, while they are soaking under the sun and swimming in the crystalline waters of the Ionian. Couples will experience an iconic sunset, where the sun spreads its colors all over the sky and sea. A romantic dinner with a stunning view and a round of colorful cocktails completes the transcendental experience in the perfect way. 

And every evening after dinner, grab your glass of chilled wine or a signature cocktail and lounge at the beach. The sunset offers the most fabulous chromatic mixture on the sky. A special meeting point for all guests at Acharavi Beach Hotel, where they see a nature’s wonder unveil each and every single night! 

Explore Corfu from the most wonderful starting point, a place where tranquility and harmony are praised. Welcome to Acharavi Beach Hotel for unforgettable, 100% relaxing holidays!
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